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Dangerous Women

Catherine de' Medici: Oakmoss, precious woods, spices and cinnamon in the base. Ripe peaches, jasmine sambac and roses in the heart and top notes of very understated citrus and bergamot.

Ching Shih: Dark woods, wild figs, black currants, red mandarin, cardamom, opium, peonies, cinnamon, dragon’s blood and purple plums.

Eleanor of Aquitaine: Conifers and cedar, French lavender, saffron, honey, dragon’s blood and a river of wine.

Empress Wu: Delicate white peonies, white lotuses, narcotic poppies and pale pink roses, splinters of black sandalwood, a drop of black patchouli, and golden opium.

Gráinne Ní Mháille: Heather and moss, stormy sea water, driftwood and a fougère accord composed of oakmoss, lavender and tonka bean.

Lucrezia Borgia: Clementine, red mandarin, Italian lemon, ambergris, vanilla, patchouli and orange blossom on a resinous bed of labdanum.

Theodora: Bulgarian rose absolute, Indian jasmine absolute, sandalwood, dragon's blood, frankincense, purple plums, Madagascar ginger, and precious spices.


Áine: Sunflowers, bergamot, orris, melons, peaches, pink grapefruit, jasmine, honey, lilies, sweet lemon, sandalwood and palo santo wood.

Bast: Jasmine essential oil, Rose absolute, rich ambers, a drop of spice, frankincense and myrrh and Egyptian Sandalwood combine to create a beautiful and warm blend with just the barest trace of feral wildness.

In the Temple of the Goddess of Love: Pomegranates and figs wrapped in warm honey, on a bed of rose petals, incense, oud and amber.

Isis: This fragrance is warm, golden ambers, rose absolute, frankincense and myrrh essential oils, hyssop, lotus, Egyptian sandalwood, and the blue of the sky in Egypt.

Lady Nada: Pink lemonade jasmine, pink roses and udambara blossoms.

Lakshmi: Deep, velvety red roses, two different types of amber, a touch of Sambac jasmine, and creamy mysore sandalwood.

Persephone: A base of sweet woods, a touch of oud, a whisper of incense, sweet pomegranates and juicy figs.

Poseidon: Crashing waves, seaweed absolute, ambergris, ozonic air, and a touch of petrichor.

Quan Yin: Rice flower, willow branches, dove feathers and healing waters.

Saraswati: White lotus, sweet milk, a touch of honey, champaca flowers, white myrrh, mysore sandalwood, orange blossoms, water lilies, white orris and white vetiver.

Shiva the Destroyer: Fragrant woods, frankincense, myrrh, rose attar and living peach.

Fairy Tales

Big Bad Wolf: Smoky black leather, clean skin musk and the barest touch of tobacco leaf. 

Glass Slipper: Brilliant white musks, a drop of Jasmine, sparkling aldehydes and moonflower.

Prince Charming:  Soft woods, a bit of tea, cucumber and drop each of lemon and lime.

Snow White: Clean white musk, blood red roses, ebony wood, and a touch of forest.

Wicked Stepmother: Rich and warm ambergris, soft and alluring skin, dark ambers, the whisper of leather, black roses, a kiss of patchouli, and a drop of spice.


Bjorn: Clean musk, leather, stormy water, a drop of patchouli and ripe oranges.

Cesare Borgia: Bergamot and herbal accords, plums, a spice accord, sage, rosemary, basil, thyme and lavender in the heart. Leather, dark woods, oak absolute and a silky animalic musk in the base.

Halo: Moonlight, sea water, lilacs, wisteria, honeysuckle and moonflower.

Jacqueline: Clean skin musk and mahogany, dry amber accord and heart and top notes of sambac jasmine and jasmine officianale. 

Lena: Blended for a dear friend - dew covered pink and purple lilacs, willow leaves floating on a gentle breeze and soft blue sky on a bed of barely there white musk.

Opening Night: Gardenias, honeysuckle, sweet jasmine, ambergris, tea olives and palo santo wood.

Silver Moon: Moonflower, white amber, musk, jasmine, white ginger.

Kushiel's Legacy


Alais: Alais is mahogany wood for the darkness of her hair, clean, white musks, tolu balsam, violet leaf absolute, violets for her eyes, and lush moss. 

Alcuin: White musks and white amber, the pale greens and grays of his marque, with moss and a chypre accord and a base of soft wood.

Delaunay: Ambergris, red leaves, black agar wood, a touch of leather, amber key accord, rosewood, cassis, a touch of lime and the barest drop of fresh apple. The fruits are not at all sweet and this blend is absolutely masculine.

Joscelin: White musks, blue of the summer sky, the sharpness of the cold winter air and grey wool.

Master of the Straits: Stormy sea water, driftwood, bay rum, oak moss and a couple of drops of hyacinth. 

Melisande: cinnamon, Jasmine Sambac, fresh ginger, a chypre accord, amber essential oil, Egyptian musk, tuberose, and spice accord. Clean skin musks, ambergris, mahogany wood, black agar, precious resins, patchouli, leather.. 

Phedre': White musk, cereus blooms, jasmine essential oil, rose, pomegrante, red apples

Prince of Travellers: Musk and leather, Tsingani spices, dusty tobacco and exotic woods.

Sidonie: Sunflowers, amber, ambergris and a touch of dark musk for her eyes.


Anael: Cool dark earth, oak, tender green leaves, tree moss, juniper berries, ivy, herbs and of course, a drop of green apple accord. 

Azza: Deep resiny notes of dragon’s blood, myrrh and frankincense. Black agar, oud, and burning incense paired with the barest breezes from a nearby ocean.

Cassiel: A complex blend of musks, the barest drop of civet, white myrrh, fir balsam and sharp, cold air

Eisheth: Sea water and medicinal herbs (rosemary, mint, clary sage, bergamot, hyssop, lemon grass and verbena rounded out with white tea. 

Kushiel: Bronze tipped leather whips, a drop of pomegranate, smoky incense, black agar, black pepper and black myrrh.

Naamah: Rose attar and rose absolute, jasmine, ylang ylang, dove wings and amber.

Shemhazai: Frankincense, myrrh, French cypress, saffron, bergamot, teak wood, black pepper, sage, mahogany and oakmoss.

The Court of Nightblooming Flowers:

Alyssum House: Alyssum, violets, a drop of Jasmine, pale peach roses, and a clean, warm skin musk.

Bryony House: Orange blossom and narcissus form the top notes. Green leaves, lily of the valley and rose (for Naamah) bloom in the heart notes. Amber and musk anchor this very rich floral fragrance.

Camellia House: Camellia, peony, honeysuckle, carnations and the palest of pink roses.

Cereus House: Pale, fair skin; cereus blossoms, moonflower and scattering of white rose petals for Naamah.

Dahlia House: White musks, amber key accord, ambergris, peru balsam, champaca flowers, golden roses.

Eglantine House: Honeyed roses, mahogany, plums, amber accord, Champaca flowers, Eglantine roses, white musk.

Gentian House: Frankincense, myrrh, opium smoke, gentian violets, vetiver, french lavender, a touch of smoke.

Jasmine House: Three types of jasmine, on a bed of creamy sandalwood, Krishna amber, a scattering of deep, dark roses and a drop of coriander.

Mandrake House: Golden musk, black roses, patchouli, leather, burning incense, amber, smoky oud, mandrake flowers.

Valerian House: Deep and dark with patchouli and vetiver in the base notes. A kiss of leather whips, the lesson of the spice candies and blood red roses.


Alice in Wonderland: Candied lemon peel and sugared violet and rose petals.

Juliet: Sweet peas for good bye, mimosa for modesty and sensitivity, Red Peonies for devotion and Solomon's Seal for secrecy, anchoring all of it with delicate white musks and elder wood.

Mercutio: Clean, non-powdery amber, cedar, conifers, juniper berries, tonka bean, clary sage, subtle black pepper, herbaceous lavender, violets and dry, dry plums.

Romeo: Basil, fig leaves, clary sage, lime, bergamot, ambroxan, sandalwood, mahogany, and rosewood, white amber, ozonic air, white and black amber.

Through the Looking Glass: Roses, violets, amber and musk.

Limited Edition 2016

Love: Dark Series

Dominate: Skin laid bare, the kiss of leather whips, blood red dragon's blood, sharp juniper berries, petitgrain, opulent tobacco leaves, Peruvian clove leaf, a touch of Tahitian vanilla and Peru balsam.

Haunted: Ghostly roses, ethereal lilacs and wisteria. Pale, pale Asian lilies on a soft bed of delicate woods and ambergris.

Jealousy: Green figs, linden blossom, lime, basil, herbal accord, green mandarin.

Possession: Thick amber, the sting of black pepper, dark musks, dragon's blood, dark woods, patchouli, orange blossom and narcotic honey. 

Unrequited: Shards of black sandalwood, juicy raspberries, bitter orange, the sting of black pepper, smooth silky musk, deep dark amber and drop of smoky patchouli.

Love: Light Series

Beloved: Pink lady apples, pink lilies, cucumber, gardenia, soft white woods, nectarine blossoms, linden blossoms and honey.

Besotted: Spun pink candy floss, vanilla, pink grapefruit, sweet amber, black and red currants, honey drenched figs, a trace of tuberose, apricot, guava and apples.

Enamored: Trembling white violets, softly blushing roses, the barest trace of citrus, freesia, tea olive blooms, pink peonies, tart wild berries, jasmine sambac, rich gardenias and sweet magnolia.

Éros: Dark amber, gardenia, lily of the valley, red roses, cinnamon, Egyptian jasmine.

First Blush: Pink Freesias, sugared white violet petals, pale pink roses, pink lady apples, white lilies, bergamot, lily of the valley, pink mimosa and white musk.

Type O Negative Inspired

Be My Druidess: Incense, woods, tree moss, light and dark musks and a smokey fire.

Black No. 1: Milk white skin, a haze of clove cigarette smoke, burning leaves and the blackest patchouli in my collection.

Burnt Flowers Fallen: Discarded love notes and dried bouquets, a whisper of leather and the fire that consumed it all.

Burning Leaves: Dry autumnal leaves burning on a base of agarwood CO2.

Cinnamon Girl: Deep amber, candied peaches, Jasmine Sambac and lots and lots of cinnamon.

Green Man: Earth, moss, dark woods, rosewood, cedar, amber, agarwood, mahogany, green leaves and conifer branches.

Love You to Death: Beeswax, sweat, wine, smoke, oud, black agar, patchouli, myrrh, green berries, cutrus peel, spice.

My Girlfriend's Girlfriend: .White musk, jasmine, soft roses, freesia, lily, black currant, mandarin orange, bergamot and pink grapefruit.

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