Hello and welcome to Deconstructing Eden Perfumes!
My fragrances are parfum strength which is 50% oils, (essential oils aromachemicals) and 50% perfumer’s alcohol. I use a very high grade of perfumer’s alcohol that has no scent at all. So my fragrances are very concentrated, very high grade fragrance that combine the sillage and longevity of fragrance oil blends with the elegance and ease of classic perfumery.

My name is Toni Sinclair and unsurprisingly, I have loved perfume and fragrance for my entire life. Starting with my memories of the elegant and high end perfumes that the women that I loved and respected most wore -to the ever present incense that my mother burned, scent has been a constant in my life.

I'm a musician at heart and spent several years as a professional musician. I often say that music and perfume are more closely related than most people realize. I am still dealing with base notes, heart notes and top notes and I firmly believe that a well blended fragrance can be symphonic.

I have a passion for all things esoteric and arcane and love nothing more than spending hours wrapped up in folklore and mythology or a good dark fantasy novel.

I am always happy to offer suggestions, if needed.

Please do stop in to check my shop out. I’m positive that you’ll find something that you love!

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